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B5 Flange Mounted Stainless Steel Motor-TEFC For Food machinery


B5 Flange Mounted Stainless Steel Motor

All stainless steel motors designed and produced by HZPT have a lower protection grade of ip66/ip67. They can be soaked in 15 cm to 1-meter deep water for 30 minutes to prevent water from entering. It is suitable for high temperature, high humidity, water, steam, and other * end working environments. These motors can even operate underwater – the protection grade of standard products has reached IP67! All motors adopt unique assembly technology to avoid through bolt connection or end cover bolt connection. The surface of the motor is very smooth, which is easy to clean and wash dirt such as food residues.

The stainless steel motors produced by HZPT company can be made of stainless steel 302, 304, or 316 according to customer requirements. The standard product is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which can be used for a long time without rust and corrosion. The standard motor shaft is made of stainless steel 420.

Frame Type Flange type Poles D E F G M N P R S T Flange hole shaft hole AC AD
71 FT130 2, 4, 6 14 30 5 11 130 110 160 0 10 3.5 4 M5 134 129
80 FT165 2, 4, 6 19 40 6 15.5 165 130 200 0 12 3.5 4 M6 144 135
90 FT165 2, 4, 6 24 50 8 20 165 130 200 0 12 3.5 4 M8 176 147
100 FT215 2, 4, 6 28 60 8 24 215 180 250 0 15 4 4 M10 203 169
112 FT215 2, 4, 6 28 60 8 24 215 180 250 0 15 4 4 M10 218 174
132 FT265 2, 4, 6 38 80 10 33 265 230 300 0 15 4 4 M12 256 192

Advantages of stainless steel motor

▍The  stainless steel motor developed by it has a smooth surface and meets the high sanitary standards required by the market.
▍stainless steel motor is made of a tubular frame, closed design, and no ventilation. The external parts of the motor are made of stainless steel, and plastic parts are not used. The nameplate data is engraved on the back of the end cover or junction box by laser, without accumulation of dust or processing residues, so that the surface of the motor is easy to clean and can withstand common corrosive reagents.
▍Stainless steel motor has ip69k protection grade, and the efficiency can reach IE4. Due to the precise electrical design, the motor’s internal heating and surface temperature are limited. In addition, the motor is made of insulating material, so it is suitable for use with inverters.
▍HZPT can also research and design unique electrical and mechanical solutions to meet the customized needs of customers.

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Professional stainless steel motor manufacturer

We. have focused on the manufacturing and R &  D of stainless steel motors for more than 20 years. It is a motor industry brand integrating R & D, production, sales, and service. The company has a solid technical force, advanced production equipment, sophisticated testing equipment, strict technology, and a perfect inspection system. The company currently has a production base of 20000 square meters, complete motor processing and assembly lines, and advanced inspection and testing systems. We can design products according to customers’ needs, meet users’ needs, and provide excellent and beautiful products.

The shell of the company’s main motor products adopts food grade 304 stainless steel, which is rust-free, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, and washable. It is suitable for industries with high requirements in the medical, food, and other health fields. The listed products of the company have passed CE, UL, CCC, so9000 certification, and SGS factory certification and obtained design patents. Currently, the company’s manufacturing and R & D capacity has reached the international advanced and domestic leading level. Due to the reliable product quality and high service quality, users have also recognized it in many countries and regions in Europe and North America. It has an excellent cooperative relationship with famous enterprises such as sew-in Germany and Boston gear in the United States.