China wholesaler RPR Slewing Drive Planetary Gearbox replacement of Brevini riduttori RPR2046 RPR3046 RPR2065 PR3065 RPR2150 RPR3150 RPR2250 with Good quality

Features Of RPR Slewing Drive Gearbox

This series of RPR slewing drive planetary gear units is specially designed to drive slewing bearings in industrial applications.
For many years, it has been successfully applied to the steering drive of tower cranes, marine and port cranes, wind turbines, and ship propulsion systems.
Its advantages are compact size, high performance, simple installation, reliable operation, modular design, and quality certification.

Brevini riduttori model RPR2046 RPR3046 RPR2065 PR3065 RPR2150 RPR3150 RPR2250 RPR2800
our replacement model EP-RPR2046 EP-RPR3046 EP-RPR2065 PR3065 EP-RPR2150 EP-RPR3150 EP-RPR2250 EP-RPR2800
Brevini riduttori model RPR3250 RPR2255 RPR3255 RPR2320 RPR3320 RPR2600 RPR3600  RPR3800
our replacement model EP-RPR3250 EP-RPR2255 EP-RPR3255 EP-RPR2320 EP-RPR3320 EP-RPR2600 EP-RPR3600  EP-RPR3800


• modular design
• stage composition of 1 to 6 reduction stages (2-6 with bevel gears)
• variant of output bracket fixing solution: front flange and double socket
• integral output pinion and splined shaft with loose pinion
• various adapters for hydraulic and motor
• solid input shaft
• spring applied hydraulic release (Sahr) brake
• maritime certification
• fluoro rubber seals for high-temperature environments
• particular painting cycle according to EN ISO 12944

Type planetary, bevel
Shaft orientation coaxial, right angle
Torque > 10 kNm, 2 – 5 kNm, 5 – 10 kNm
Shaft configuration solid-shaft, vertical output shaft
Number of stages multi-stage
Performance high-performance
Applications for cranes, for slewing drive
Other characteristics compact, modular, generator, high-temperature


Parameters of RPR Slewing Drive Gearbox

Size Torque FEM M5 (T5,L2) [Nm] Max Torque [Nm]
RPR046 3.400 – 5.500 6.000
RPR065 6.600 – 9.550 11.500
RPR150 13.450 – 18.100 23.000
RPR250 21.350 – 29.450 46.200
RPR255 21.350 – 29.450 46.200
RPR320 21.000 – 33.850 46.200
SLS300 31.850 – 48.700 74.600
SLS400 39.950 – 61.400 100.000

Application of RPR Slewing Drive Gearbox

Construction (dryers, crushing machines, mixing mills, cranes, mobile scaffolds)
Material handling (gantry cranes, mobile dock cranes, movable stocks, bridge cranes)
Waste and sewage treatment (rotating filters, thickeners, clarifiers, Warm hoists, agitators)
Mine and quarry machines (drilling and excavation, machine, selectors, classifiers, conveyors, crushing machines)
Wind energy (pitch drives, yaw drives) Substructures (movable roofs, movable gantries, piling)
Steel processing machines (conveyors, extruders, cutting machines, roll benders, rolling mills)
Food industry (mixing machines, mixers, conveyors, fruit extractor machines)




Other Types of Planetary Gearboxes

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